OMG!! I dreamt!!

which happens 0 or 1 time per year!! on my 1st day of 3rd months in Siolim. it's good start!!

so good morning world. now I'm like this music.hahaha

so I put music here from soundcloud from Zik for this article to show my current mood
here we go p


so what happened in this morning is wow I dreamt !!

I mean I dream usually 0 or 1 time per year!!very rare!!

and... it was so much vivid!!!...yes I got good image like I can keep doing things faster and faster!!!!

I'm like keep doing one thing LITERALLY EVERYDAY changing me a lot!!- well, actually growing a lot in the mind!!

so yes process here


how you improve web related skill

busy busy hahahaha.

ah ok  that's y non-ADHD ppl can get ideas easily because there hippocampus is properly working.understanding things is really fun!!)







oh yes!! btw the point what I wanted to write is

yes after improving Working Memory (hippocampus) is like....

I really get some ideas especially about improving my abilities and blogging and youtube and all web related skills unlike before!! so I feel this morning that's y I dreamt. because brain is much more active!! woo hooo!! 

ok, it seems today yoga class gonna be held! I think  teacher will leave soon.so last days for my proper ashtanga yoga too!!

have a good day world!!)